He Lives

Sometimes, words can sting. Like when I was having lunch with a group of friends, most of whom are ostensibly atheist. At times, I feel like I’m the token Christian in the group. I hear lots about the excesses of

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In Search of Real Zeal

“Zeal” is an interesting word denoting intensity or fervor. To be zealous for something is good, but to be overzealous is obviously not good. In the Bible, some people are said to have zeal without knowledge, which is not good,

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Stronger Back

I am a fan of country music. I am not ashamed of that in any way. It is the music of my people. When I was very young, I heard the music and the words on the radio, but I

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Past Imperfect

I am amazed almost every time I open the volume we call the Bible.  Of course, there is the great moral teaching.  There is the supernatural power of God.  There is the superhuman exercise of love.  But among the most

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Of Autism, Grace, and Jesus, Who Loves the Little Children–No Matter What

Nobody ever said parenting would be easy. But if you add the demands of a special needs child on top of the usual issues of childhood, your life goes from manageably hard to something that must be like a slightly

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The Gift of Personality

Self-administered psychology tests are interesting.  I’ve taken lots of on-line quizzes to try and understand a little more about myself, and I usually wind up a little skeptical.  Even in high school, I remember taking a career aptitude test, and

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The Devil’s in the Details

The Bible is a book filled with wisdom, comfort, mystery, and conflict.  The source of wisdom and comfort is none other than God.  Mystery arises where knowledge is incomplete: the unknown piques our fear as much as our curiosity.  But

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“The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail. Travel too fast, and you miss all you are traveling for.” ― Louis L’Amour
There is so much to see, to learn, to experience in this infinite universe: things about life, the world, people, nature--how they work and how we deal with them. That's what I like to observe, to think about, and to share with you. Life is a journey of discovery. Enjoy the scenery.
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