Why Is It…?: The Value of Answered Questions vs. Unquestioned Acceptance

I am an inquisitive person. I want to know things. I want to know why things happen. I want to know how things work. I like to think, although thinking has gotten me into trouble on occasion. I like learning.

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Four Little Five Letter Words (II)

But why did God set this whole thing in motion?  Ephesians 2.4 reveals it: mercy (still another of those five letter words).  In all the secular side of the English language, there is perhaps no greater discussion of the nature

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Four Little Five Letter Words (I)

Words are powerful things.  They can encourage or discourage, build up or break down.  Some words have reputations.  Think about the infamous four letter words.  (Of course, I’m limiting my discussion to English, my native tongue.  Related words aren’t likely

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Grace and the Flow of a Fallen Reality Toward Renewal

You know, I’m not the kind of guy who likes religious slogans.  You know those things that get put on the marquee signs in front of the meeting houses of virtually any denomination or religious group.  One says, “BIBLE—Basic Instructions

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Of Spiritual Evolution and Embers Waiting to Glow as Flame

It has been said that in this universe, the only constant is change.  It’s all around us:  an individual is born (or germinated, or hatched, or otherwise reproduced), grows, matures—all aspects of life—and dies—which is also part of life.  As

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For Us or Against Us? A Question of Intentions and Purposes

I was listening to a presentation the other evening in which the speaker was extolling the values of the early church with respect to the concept of evangelism.  In the course of the talk, he began quoting a number of

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It was near the height of Jesus’ ministry.  He was going throughout the land teaching people how to live, teaching them how citizens of the kingdom would act.  He had just delivered one of the greatest and most meaningful of

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“The trail is the thing, not the end of the trail. Travel too fast, and you miss all you are traveling for.” ― Louis L’Amour
There is so much to see, to learn, to experience in this infinite universe: things about life, the world, people, nature--how they work and how we deal with them. That's what I like to observe, to think about, and to share with you. Life is a journey of discovery. Enjoy the scenery.
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