Hello World!

           Is there anything more egotistical than setting up a personal blog?  I mean, what great things do I have to share with the world?  Probably not much.  But I love the exchange of ideas.  I love to think, and I appreciate those who take the time to provoke — though not maliciously — this activity of mind we generally call “thought.”

           I love to think about things, how life works and how people interact.  I think about science, education, cooking, wood, computers, technology, music, family, tradition, plants, religion, and politics.  This blog will probably at one time or another touch on all of these topics, and a lot more.  It’s a playground and an outlet and a place to share.  And the beauty of it is that no one can force you to read it or agree.  I think that’s the way things ought to be.  

           The first program most computer science students write prints out the two word exclamation, “Hello World!”  It’s pretty fitting that I leave this post’s title the same as the original placeholder. So, to the world as a physical place, this third rock from the sun, and to the world as the system of how things work in this life, and to the world as the arena of ideas, “Hello!”