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Don’t miss Max Ray’s book, A Better Way, now available in trade paperback and for Amazon Kindle.  A Better Way proposes that we rethink how we view the Bible and how we understand God’s will for us.  For years, we have relied on a reductionist view of scripture.  This is demonstrated in our commonly accepted method of interpretation and establishing authority involving Command, Example, and Inference.  But what if we are missing something?  What if the forest is far bigger and more instructive than the few trees we choose to see?  By looking at the whole Bible from creation to new creation, we can see a call to something greater in scope, yet simpler in execution than the laws we have cobbled together from dissecting scriptures and reassembling them in ways they may never have been meant to be read.  A Better Way makes no claim to be the final answer.  But it is a call to action for us to set aside the chains of tradition and seek the true path that leads to real freedom–freedom to think, freedom to worship, freedom to live as God intended without fear and with the fullest expression of the greatest of human qualities that truly reflect the image of God.

There may be lots of discussion on this book.  The series of essays that was collected into this volume generated many exchanges on social networking sites.  In fact there were people who openly admitted they had not read the works they were criticizing.  But before anyone discredits the work or casts aspersions, we would be well advised to hear the words of the wise man, in Proverbs 18:13, “If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame.”  So set aside the prejudice of tradition and be ready to explore the Bible in ways you may never have before.  It’s worth the experience.


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