A Bit About The Author

Darrell Ray was born in Glasgow, Kentucky but grew up all over the South, owing to the nomadic lifestyle of the preacher’s kid. He earned a BS from Western Kentucky University with a double major in Biology and Agriculture, a minor in Biophysics, and provisional certification in secondary education. Since he wasn’t qualified to coach high school basketball in Kentucky, he stayed below the poverty line as a student for a while longer and earned a MS in Biology from WKU. He then spent a number of years at Vanderbilt University where he earned a PhD in Physiological Plant Ecology and Botany. He has taught Environmental Science at the Harpeth Hall School; Biology, Conservation, and Botany at Belmont University; Biology, Ecology and Botany at WKU; and finally settled in Martin, Tennessee where he teaches Biology, Botany, Ecology and Environmental Health at the University of Tennessee-Martin.

He is intensely interested in the history and practice of Christianity, especially the practical side involving how people should live with and treat each other.  A firm believer in the maxim that one must “walk the walk” as well as “talk the talk”, he is an ardent supporter of programs to help children with autism and other intellectual disabilities or special needs, organizations focused on ending hunger (especially for children), and groups dedicated to making life better for the under-privileged, especially children.  He serves as a faculty representative on the UT-Martin Students of Concern Team, a group with the goal of identifying and helping students who may be at risk for harmful or self-destructive behaviors.  He is a certified Gatekeeper Instructor for the QPR Suicide Prevention Program, an initiative to help anyone at risk for suicide find the help that they need to deal with their problems and choose life.

He is married to a microbiologist, and they have two children, a cat, a guinea pig, two goldfish, and a lizard.  When he isn’t teaching, Darrell is usually working on the house, working in the yard, chauffeuring kids to appointments, practices and games, tinkering with computers (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu Linux, iOS, and Android), reading, listening to Old Time Radio shows, enjoying classic television and movies, writing, cooking or maybe even a combination of the above.


2 Responses to A Bit About The Author

  1. Daryl Wade says:


    With your dad’s invitation, I visited your site for the first time. Thank you for all of the thoughtful insight on the versed bible scriptures. And, especially, your added comments on, and from The Voice. Mainly: The Voice says, “I make you trustees of My estate.” That takes the mandate to a new dimension: not exploiter, but caregiver. Not thoughtless user, but thoughtful servant.

    Last, we, Grace and I also have a cat – Sox. I also dread what I know, I may someday have to do what you did for Henry. And just like you, we also think of Sox as one of God’s finest creatures. – Daryl Wade

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